Wilderness Workshop Packages & Prices

Backwoods Essentials Day Trip Package:  You get a little bit of everything fast and furious; as much as we can discover and fit in a full day outing afield.  At a minimum we will go over emergency shelters, staying warm & dry, obtaining drinking water, and wild edibles in a 5 to 8 hour trip afield.  You will certainly walk away with a newly discovered confidence in your abilities to survive in a seemingly unsurvivable situation.  A great beginner package for only $75.00 per survivor or $250.00 per family (up to 2 adults & 3 children under 18yrs)!

Mountain Camp Weekend Package:  This package offers the same subjects as the Backwoods Essentials Day Trip Package but at a much slower pace.  During this overnighter you will learn to construct your own shelter and warming/cooking fire.  Also added to this 1  1/2 day package is primitive trapping & snaring, wild edible food foraging & preparation, water purification, field hygiene & sanitation, land navigation, basic first aid, emergency signals, rope making & knot tying, and more.  This workshop also includes a moderate dinner around the campfire (supplemented with whatever manna we can scrounge up from our surroundings).   Just what you need if you think you can handle a primitive night of entertainment and enlightenment in the great outdoors.   Only $185.00 per survivor or $350.00 per family (up to 2 adults & 3 children under 18 yrs)! 


Self Rescue and Personal Defense Package:  This weekend package offers the very best in self rescue, firearms familiarization, safety, discipline, and reflexive fire scenario-driven training. Only $185.00 per survivor (over 18yrs only)