ABOUT Forest Manna Outdoors

     Forest Manna Outdoor's (FMO) survival instructors have a wealth of outdoor knowledge and are extremely diverse with regard to their wilderness survival & forest interpretive skills.  Practical  work experience gained while serving as career Combat Arms Soldiers, Private and DOD security detail agents, Special Wildlife Officers, State Park Rangers, Forest Naturalists, and search & rescue experts can be expected.  In fact, FMO is currently in a collaboration with Survival Skills Training LLC to bring a diversity in exciting wilderness survival workshops.

     Moreover, undergraduate and advanced graduate science degrees (biology & forestry) with emphasis on the natural sciences such as forestry, dendrology, zoology, field botany, wildlife biology, wildlife management, forest insects, ornithology, etc. round out the formal education and skill sets of FMO Survival Instructors.

     FMO instructors have more than 60 years of combined experience and have taught survival skills to both civilians and soldiers, the Boy Scouts of America, and church & civic groups; both individuals or organizations. 

     The forest can be unpredictable and your safety is our priority.  Therefore FMO survival instructors are properly vetted to address participant safety & first aid, sustain instructional quality and accuracy, and maximize your education and entertainment. Rest assured, you will get your money's worth with FMO!

     If you’re tired of the same old boring weekends of cabin fever, it’s time to get out in the woods and do something productive and relaxing; educational and entertaining.  All workshops are currently offered in the Eastern mountain region of West Virginia and are priced perfectly to accommodate a tight budget!   


Learn life-saving tips and tricks in a fun, hands-on way and then pass these skills down to your children and grandchildren.  ​