Forest Survival & Bushcraft Workshops

Calling all city-slickers, suburbanites, youth groups, scout groups, families, hippies, earth-people, country-folk, and individuals who love the outdoors but want to learn more.  Congratulations; your search for an affordable outdoor survival class is over!

Covering the basics of bushcraft & Wilderness Survival in a Short Weekend or an extended Back-country Excursion…

-Primitive Trapping & Snaring

-Wild Edibles & Medicinal Plants

-Emergency Shelter Construction

-Fashioning Emergency Tools & Clothing

-Making Fire

-Wild Bird/Song Identification

-Wildlife Habitat & Behavior

-Emergency Food/Water Procurement

-Useful Knot Tying

-Tree & Plant Identification

-Field Hygiene & Sanitation

-Getting Warm or Keeping Cool

-Land Navigation

-Weapons Training

-Personal Self Defense & Security

-Self Rescue

-Survival Fitness

-And Much More… 
















Forest Manna Outdoors, LLC is a licensed West Virginia business specializing in primitive survival and wilderness bush craft skills.


A man-made or natural catastrophe could strike your region without warning.​


What would you do if a firefighter were to knock on your door at 2am and tell you that you must evacuate your home immediately; perhaps with only the clothes on your back?


Where would you go in the event of a natural disaster?

How would you stay warm & dry if suddenly stranded away from civilization?

What would you eat if an economic downturn suddenly rendered grocery store shelves pillaged and empty?


How will you survive if lost in the back country; moreover, how will you help your family survive away from society's security blanket known simply as "the grid"?

Let Forest Manna Outdoors be your own personal “Manna from Heaven”!  We can teach you what it takes to not only survive, but to thrive using both modern and primitive survival skills.